December 9, 2017



St. Britto’s Academy presented Christmas Canticles – 2017, Musical Medley on 9th December 2017 at ‘The Grand Mall’, Velachery, Chennai , the theme of the programme being ‘Joy of Sharing’ the event comprised of 450 students from classes KG – X. The Chief Guest of the day was AARI, a popular actor and Mr.Zarookshah, the Director of the Grand Mall. The Medley was a culmination of music, dance and drama involving carols and depiction of nativity scene, which transformed it to evening of musical delight. The special invitees of the musical show were differently abled people, who were called to enjoy the bliss of the season and experience the joy of sharing with St. Britto’s family.

The entire atmosphere was filled with a splendid feeling of love, joy, hope, peace, caring and sharing. The brain child and the motivating force behind the event is Mrs.Vimala Britto, the Correspondent of St. Britto’s Group of Institutions, Founder of Seek Foundation,   Co-Founder of  Premier Fustal. Director of Esthell Homes, Director of Esthell Entertainers. She is a multi – faceted personality who believes in the nurturing of the whole – some personality of children, and in turn giving them as responsible citizens and good human beings to the society. The Chief Guest Mr. AARI, reiterated on the prominence of awareness to be created in the younger generation regarding traditional food, which is healthy and the need of the hour. He also emphasized on the need to give life – oriented education, rather than imparting them education – oriented life. “Love is the fundamental virtue of mankind”, said Mrs. Vimala Britto, the Correspondent of St. Britto’s Group of Institutions. She also brought out the theme – “ Joy of sharing”, which unveiled happiness in every heart. The co-operation from the parents was also highly appreciated. The event ended with the joy of festive season in the air.

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