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The UN Sustainable Development Goals and their applications

St. Britto’s recognizes that a child of a family, a student of a school, a member of a community, and a citizen of a country are all individuals in the world.

As a result, it is an individual’s duty and responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all creatures on Earth. Read More…….


For the past five years, St. Britto’s has used a unique methodology by incorporating the Psychometric test into the curriculum. The test is administered to odd classes 3,5,7,9, and 11. Read More…..

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Programs and Projects made purposeful for students of St. Britto’s

St. Britto’s students benefit from programs and projects designed specifically for them.

What is the purpose of school programs and projects?

To demonstrate what a child has been taught to say to an audience, most likely the parents.  Read More…….

Process of Becoming a leader

How do we instill democracy and governance among students through elections and established practices?

Simply involving them in it and “Bang the Knowledge is Transferred”

What does it take to crown a student as Head Boy, Head Girl, or any other leader of an institution?  Read More…….


 What motivates people to step outside of their comfort zone? Yes! A healthy dose of appreciation and motivation. Read More…….

The power of ordinary people

How can we introduce students to various and well-known personalities? Perhaps assembly will be the key, and thus the idea to implement The Personality of the Week was born. Read More……….

Effective learning strategies at St. Britto’s

7 ways to make students involved in their learning process without pushing or threatening them.  Read More….


Everybody loves their birthdays, but it’s even more special when it falls on a weekday and you can celebrate with your friends. At Britto’s, we think that every child is a messenger, a gift from God placed in every family, and as such, they are all very precious to this world.   READ MORE………..


Why should Indian schools be drab and boring when the country’s entire culture is lively and colourful?  READ MORE…..


Values form the back bone of St. Britto’s Academy. Every day starts with a Value. Teachers are Empowered by the administration to share one thought /one value/one story a day.   READ MORE ………


The most effective tool we have to carry our praises and requests to the mercy feet of the Lord—the throne of grace—is prayer. When we pray as a group in unison with one another—in speech, in thought, in deed—we call upon God to feel compassion for ourselves and for those with whom we have a common bond.    Read More  A PRAYER A DAY

Welcome Back!

We are extremely delighted to begin our 21st year at St. Britto’s!  It is a place where opportunities abound, a place alive with much energy, enthusiasm and high standards of excellence.  We are grateful for the support of the Staff, Parents and the students of St. Britto’s Academy for making the Year 2017-18, a year of awards.

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