October 17, 2018
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“Cooperation and team work can help everyone to achieve the goal and attain the fruit of success“.

The Students of Class II C presented the assembly on the theme “COOPERATION”. The session was enlightened with the prayer, bible reading and a prayer song.

To show the importance of cooperation and teamwork few children performed an activity by passing the hoops in a circle holding each other’s hands. By cooperating with each other they passed the hoops and reached their end point.

Few famous quotes on cooperation and team work of Helen Keller were given with placards. Thought for the day was shared on the same. A Thirukural and its explanation were given by a couple of children.

The session ended with an interesting video clip from the movie “Finding Nemo”. From the clip children understood cooperation and teamwork to attain their goal .Assembly concluded with a short interaction with children by the class teacher.


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