Leave your footprints, not the litter

July 28, 2018

Leave your footprints, not the litter

More than 70 Students of Std X along with their teachers participated in the beach cleaning act on 28.7.2018, at Thiruvanmaiyur Beach, to bring consciousness towards Cleanliness, Basic Health, Education and to empower and stimulate responsibility in every human being towards welfare activities in order to create a better nation.” This project was done in association with SEEK FOUNDATION, Non-Governmental Organization founded by Mrs. Vimala Britto.

An anti-litter educational campaign was also conducted students of Std X , who addressed  the litter problems in the Beach of Thiruvanmaiyur  by targeting both residents and visitors of this area with objectives to

  • EDUCATE : Raise Awareness to Reduce Litter
  • ENDORSE : Sense of Pride and Ownership of Master Piece
  • EXECUTE : Trial & Sign Campaign; Walk and pick to prevent Marine Pollution

    The Guest for the occasion,  Mr. Arun Krishnamurthy Founder, EFI. (Environmentalist Foundation of India), oriented the students on Hazards of plastic pollution to land and sea animals.

    Delegates of Thailand, Members from Cognizant and Ashok Leyland were also a part of this campaign.

    Students were given separate bags to sort out the garbage into degradable and non. – bio degradable things. Glass bottles were collected in a separate bag. Students volunteered to raise awareness against the marine pollution, which affects the lives of thousands of aquatic animals.


    This experience brought tremendous change in the perspective of the students to avoid the usage of plastic bags that cause excessive litter in the beach and also to volunteer themselves for  positive changes in the society.


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