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Effective learning strategies at St. Britto’s

7 ways to make students involved in their learning process without pushing or threatening them.

  1. School walls can be made thematic based on monthly concepts, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the month. Who said walls only have ears? Walls speak for children.
  2. Depending on the student’s grades, school assemblies can be streamlined for each class to portray Values, Countries, Personalities, Careers, and so on.
  3. The project days or club activities should have a purpose for everyone, including the participants; for example, students should be able to visit all of the exhibits and learn from them based on their subject strengths.
  4. Recognize student achievements in sports, art, and culture to highlight the student’s strengths rather than their weaknesses; in time, they will overcome their academic weaknesses.
  5. Each student should be allowed to choose their skill area from Grade I, from many such as Art, Craft, Gardening, Music, Dance, Creative writing, public speaking, Chess, Carrom, and so on, to have knowledge of many and to be the master of one- Peacocks dance, Nightingales sing, Parrots talk, and Cranes fly long distances- though all are Birds, aren’t they?
  6. Hold healthy competitions during children’s week, intramurals, and so on that pave the way for artistic, writing expressions in whatever form the concept to be gained or the goal to be achieved is portrayed.
  7. Designate specific days for no-book days, mentor days, peer days—each teaches one, honest shop, field trips, role plays, and so on.

Life learning occurs outside of the classroom. Allow children to learn for life rather than for exams or grades.

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