ENVIRONMENT DAY - St.Britto's Academy

November 30, 2022



  “Look deep in Nature, you will understand everything better”.

The story is about the “wood cutter and the farmer”. The farmer was requesting the wood cutter not to cut the trees, but the wood cutter was going on cutting all the trees and at last the wood cutter was feeling very hot and sad because there were no trees for shelter and fresh air. By this the kids understood the importance of the trees.

The kids of kindergarten presented the assembly in a wonderful way, the trees which were made of cardboard were placed on their heads and the kids performed the kit with marvelous action.

 What is World Environment Day? Led by the United Nations Environment programs (UNEP) and held annually on 5th June since 1973. World Environment Day is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world.

  •     Related human behavior to environmental impact.
  •     Summarize the negative environmental effects of human consumption.

    Analyze personal consumption in terms of environmental impact.

  •  The kids should know about having plants around their surroundings.
  •  Children should know how to sow the seeds and grow the plants and how to take care of them until they become trees.


                The tiny tots enacted without any stage free.

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