INVESTITURE CEREMONY -2023-24 - St.Britto's Academy

July 5, 2023




The Investiture Ceremony held at St. Britto’s Academy was a grand affair, marked by a sense of inspiration, initiation, innovation, and integration. The event celebrated the 26th Prefects Council and the 16th Kids Cabinet, where deserving students were bestowed with leadership roles and responsibilities. Commander Gauri Mishra, a prominent figure in our community, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.  The students, parents, and faculty members gathered in the school auditorium, which was elegantly decorated to create an ambience of pride and dignity.

The theme for this year’s investiture ceremony, “Inspire, Initiate, Innovate, Integrate,” perfectly encapsulated the ideals that St. Britto’s Academy strives to instil in its students. 


The ceremony commenced with a soulful prayer song, setting a serene and spiritual atmosphere. The leaders Marched out, and their profiles were read out as they marched.

The scripture readings from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita and Quran were presented, symbolizing the unity and inclusivity of our diverse community.

An enchanting invocation dance performance captivated the audience with their graceful movements and expressive choreography.

A special song by Class IV added grace to the ceremony.  Class XI presented a panel discussion on the theme ‘Inspire, Initiate, Innovate, Integrate.

Class VIII presented all the traits of the leaders through mime. 

Commander Gauri Mishra, known for her exemplary leadership and contributions to society, delivered an inspiring speech during the ceremony. She commended the school senate for their dedication and encouraged the newly appointed prefects and cabinet members to fulfil their roles with integrity and enthusiasm. Commander Mishra emphasized the importance of responsible leadership and urged the students to be the change they wished to see in the world.

Following the address, the investiture ceremony proceeded with the formal induction of the prefects and cabinet members. Each student received their respective badges and sashes from the correspondent, Dr Vimala Rani Britto, and the Chief Guest Commander, Gauri Mishra. The students’ council took the pledge to hold the school motto of Honesty, Commitment and Prosperity in high esteem. 

The management of St Britto’s Academy proudly honours the School Topper and Subject Toppers of Class X & XII who brought glory to the school. 

The Correspondent Dr. Vimala Rani Britto honours the Best Student of the academic year 2022,100 percent Attendees – Student and Teacher, Best Class, Best Teachers and Best Service Staff. 

The event concluded with a note of thanks and a vote of thanks from the head of the school senate, expressing gratitude to the parents, faculty, and staff for their unwavering support. The investiture ceremony served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of the outgoing council and cabinet members while inspiring the newly appointed leaders to rise to the occasion.

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