INVESTITURE CEREMONY – 2024 - St.Britto's Academy

July 3, 2024



On July 3, 2024, St Britto’s Academy was brimming with anticipation and excitement as the prestigious Investiture Ceremony took place. This event marked the formal induction of the new leadership team, signifying a significant chapter in the institution’s history.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome by the Master of Ceremonies, followed by a heartfelt Prayer Song. Esteemed guests, educators, students, and family members gathered to witness this momentous occasion. Students delivered scriptural readings, invoking a sense of sanctity, and the Prefects Council and Kids Cabinet performed a dignified slow march. The stage then came alive with an invocation dance and the special song “Feel the Light.”

A dramatic choreography portrayed the vision of Dr. Vimala Rani Britto, the Correspondent of St Britto’s Academy and author of the FEFDY curriculum, followed by an inspiring depiction of great personalities and leaders by the students.

The Chief Guest, Mr. P.C. Selvaraj, COO of Kerry Indev Logistics Pvt. Ltd., delivered an insightful speech on leadership. Dr. Vimala Rani Britto, a distinguished academician, praised the institution’s dedication to nurturing future leaders.

The highlight of the ceremony was the bestowal of badges, flags, and sashes upon the dynamic leaders of the Kids Cabinet and Prefects Council by the Chief Guest, Correspondent, and teachers. The leaders took their oaths, promising to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. House Vice Captains and Club Secretaries were also presented with badges by the teachers.

Achievers were honored with trophies, awards, certificates, and scholarships for various accomplishments, including academic excellence and perfect attendance. Outstanding teachers were also recognized.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by the Head Boy and Head Girl of the Prefects Council, expressing gratitude to all attendees. The school anthem ended the event, leaving a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm, as confidence in the newly appointed leadership was conveyed.

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