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June 24, 2022



Unity is essential for saving an institution, culture, or nation. Unity plays a crucial role in each and every step of our life. Unity is strength and division is understood as weakness in society. Unity helps in growing and learning new skills in a team.


The judicious student of IV C presented an informative general assembly on UNITY.

The assembly commenced with the prayer song followed by the Bible reading along with the thought for the day and thirukural. 


Students of IV C had filled the youngster’s minds with the importance of unity. Students performed actively and performed an informative mime on unity. Concept of being united as one nation was clearly portrayed in the morning assembly.


  • To understand the importance of unity.
  • To practice unity among the peer group in daily life.
  • To realize religion, region, and culture are not more important than being unity.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities.
  • Increase students’ confidence level in public speaking.


CT- The assembly ignited the mind of the student and helped to understand the concept of unity.

We need to understand that it is easier to break a single stick but not a bundle of sticks.So, if we stay united then no one can break us but if we are not united then we can easily be defeated. If we are not united then we cannot face difficulties.

Therefore, even if there are differences among us then we should try to understand the differences and live in peace with each other. The importance of unity is a very important message and parents should pass this message to their children.

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