Niharika Baswa – VIII B - St.Britto's Academy

Congratulations  & Appreciations to Neharika Baswa -VIII std

Poem  published in IJELLS (International Journal of English:Literature Language and Skills) Volume 5 specialissue.

Reaching out welcomingly to the sky, So amazingly far and infinitely beyond
What above it does lie? A million uniquelyseparate galactic bonds?

A free being sonorously miniscule
With not a nagging care at all
Battling away on life’s hardy duel
Till my pitiful death call

Merely a tiny not
Truly and surely humungously vast
Quite soon it gently unfurled
Mangling mischief and curiosity it cast

Utterly purposeless – a creature
Some withered people appallingly define
Am I not an important feature
In this God – given life that is mine

Swiftly soaring through with no painful strife
Nothing at all to incessantly fret or regret
A dull being so little ha an unforgettable life
Alas! The heartless cruel being did forget

The mourning bells did painfully ring,
I quickly breathed my last
For me no birds did chirp or sing
Life nimbly swayed away right past

Upon my rugged deathbed – a dusty, dirty road
Off my little feet did the heavy vehicle throw?
I finally go to my deserving abode
Can one spare even the little life of a crow?

Niharika Baswa – VIII

St. Britto’s Academy

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