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What motivates people to step outside of their comfort zone? Yes! A healthy dose of appreciation and motivation.

According to research, people stay at work when they are happy and are praised for their efforts rather than their accomplishments and achievements.

Britto’s has specific career plans for each staff member who joins the Institution, and getting work at St. Britto’s is difficult because the teacher must pass four levels of scrutiny. Brittos’ believe in the importance of having the right teacher in the right place to mentor/model the right attitude in the minds of growing learners.

Hence One teacher must deal with a wide range of mindsets, ethnic backgrounds, parental influences, and learning styles, all of which must be identified, sorted, and channeled into the best way/path for the child. Herein lies the difficulty.

A teacher’s senses should be awakened and aware to put forth their best effort to pave the way for diverse pathways to progress toward life’s highways that are unique to each student.

Hence Teacher Empowerment, Motivation, and Awards are among the top priorities. When efforts and results are recognized, the staff, whether a teacher or a service staff member, enthusiastically contributes their services to our institution.

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