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How do we instill democracy and governance among students through elections and established practices?

Simply involving them in it and “Bang the Knowledge is Transferred”

What does it take to crown a student as Head Boy, Head Girl, or any other leader of an institution?

Initially, students are instructed on

  1. The basic requirements they must meet in terms of academics, attendance, and achievements to file nominations, as well as being a member of the institution for a minimum of 7 years, which can be relaxed for a few positions.
  2. The fundamentals of canvassing to their peers and faculty
  3. Election manifesto and public platform appeal

The voting process and its consequences, as well as the glory and grace attitude after a win-or-lose situation

  1. The expression of gratitude upon the announcement of the results, as well as accountability for all tasks to be completed in academics, art and culture, sports, and community outreach for the benefit of the student community in the school and society.
  2. Appreciation in the form of certificates and trophies for exceptional contributions
  3. And the clause that applies if they fail to perform or live up to the oath of the promise they take after being elected.

Being a member of the Students Council is a fantastic opportunity, and it is the management’s sincere effort to develop life skills such as leadership among students.

Great learning takes place at a young age in a secure environment

Learning leadership application for life at a safe place in school at St. Britto’s

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