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For the past five years, St. Britto’s has used a unique methodology by incorporating the Psychometric test into the curriculum. The test is administered to odd classes 3,5,7,9, and 11. During their time at St. Britto’s, students go through an interest schedule, multiple intelligence tests, test anxiety, study skills, personality test, Aptitude test, and Value Scale, all of which serve as guiding factors for their future education and careers.

These tests assist students in identifying their capacities in terms of their areas of strength and areas for development, and they encourage students to work on developing their strengths and areas for development.

Students investigate and comprehend themselves to discover their true inherent potential and to help them set goals for higher education and career planning.

Students can learn whether they are word smart, logic smart, and so on by taking multiple intelligence tests based on Howard Gardener’s nine types of intelligence. Self-assessment questionnaires given to students at a young age help them understand their intelligence, what values are important to them, their personality and interest areas, and how to choose courses accordingly. When it comes to test anxiety scale and study skills, which are assessed for students in grades X and XII in Board classes, students understand the relationship between good study skills and excellent marks and strive to improve their study skills to improve their marks or grades.

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