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The power of ordinary people

How can we introduce students to various and well-known personalities? Perhaps assembly will be the key, and thus the idea to implement The Personality of the Week was born.

There are two ways to make someone understand a concept: involve them in it or have them observe it being done by others. St. Britto’s assemblies are always unique, and students get to see a variety of programmes over the course of two to three years. Values, people, countries, careers, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and so on. These are critical strategies that will be implemented in the following assemblies. When these topics are discussed outside of the classroom, where every student is a participant, students have the opportunity to prepare and participate. They prepare by learning about the topic of interest in a variety of ways.

Creating or selecting a song about the topic,

Searching for related content for a speech for a PPT for a panel discussion

Reading a biography of a trendsetter allows you to play the role of that person.

Comparative or comparable developmental strategies or personalities in various countries around the world, as well as the current situation in relation to the past and the imaginative expression of its future. These personality gatherings primarily cover inventions, political leadership roles, top companies of the year, the Forbes list, the fashion world, sports, media, and the digital world.

The highlight of this type of learning is when students choose topics based on their interests; they do not see it as a study or a burden, but as a passion, and thus learning for knowledge acquisition is automatic, interesting, and not coerced.

The students deliver the content more confidently and through public speaking. Practices like these help students get to know different personalities, prepare them to organise notes and present a topic cohesively, help students become technically strong, and help them overcome their fear of public speaking. This learning will undoubtedly have a positive impact on a student’s academic development by preparing, organising, presenting, and conveying their ideas in proper textual or verbal language.

Building brilliance beginswith an assembly at St. Britto’s.

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