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The UN Sustainable Development Goals and their applications

“Rooted in its place, spreading fragrance across the globe,”

St. Britto’s recognizes that a child of a family, a student of a school, a member of a community, and a citizen of a country are all individuals in the world.

As a result, it is an individual’s duty and responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all creatures on Earth.

Mother Earth can meet every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. As a result, the 17 UNSDGs are interconnected into the resources of textbooks, audio, visual aids, class assemblies, projects, and community service from the elementary stage.

A few of the topics discussed in everyday situations are waste reduction, refusal of environmentally harmful items, and reducing or recycling items to satisfy the needy.

This type of knowledge assists students in adhering to practices and actions that promote healthy coexistence on land. Furthermore, students begin to consider and imagine possible solutions to existing problems or situations, and they take steps to alleviate them.

While discussing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their application, students use 21st-century skills very fluently- critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and citizenship in action- which actually becomes the way of life at school, and thus becomes the way of life anywhere, helping to build the students’ habit, character, and personality from a very young age.

Students visit orphanages, old age homes, village schools, slum schools, child care centers, hold awareness rallies, motivational talks, and each one teaches one – and knowledge or skill area, thus Individual and Social Responsibility is woven into their lives and thus learning to live together peacefully, the ultimate goal of the UNSDG is established.

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