St. Britto’s  at Home .. Activity for kids during Lock dow

Well done kids, you are fabulous. Here is a poster designed by our KG students on the topic BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER.

ALAN HENRY, GRADE V D    Super-Duper! That’s a real work of art!

JERON ABRAHAM, GRADE V D     Great work Jeron! Its classic

MATHANGI GRADE V C You certainly did well today Mathangi! Keep it up!

RAGHAV, GRADE V B     Nice going Raghav! You are on the right track!

TAMILSELVAN, GRADE V CSuper Tamil Selvan! You are doing beautifully!

Well done kids, you are remarkable. Here is a art – WATER IS LIFE done by Grade V students.


1 RIYAVIVIANA.V UKG B   That’s right Riya! You got it!
2 VARUN SAI.S UKG A    Superb Varun! That’s the right way to do it
3 THANZEELA UKG B    Tremendous Thanzeela! You did well
4 AADEN JUSTUS UKG B  Super Aaden! Good work!
5 SUBHASHREE.D UKG A    Fine Subhashree! That’s good

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