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St. Britto’s  at Home .. Activity for kids during Lock dow

Well done kids, you are incredible. Here is a Science Experiment – Making a miniature model with dough by Grade I students.

AVINASH PRADEEP, GRADE I B     Perfect Avinash! Wonderful

MANAV, GRADE I B    Super Manav! Good work!

MOHAMED ARFAAN, GRADE I B  Fantastic Mohamed Arfaan! You got it right

ROJA SREE, GRADE I     Tremendous Roja Sree! You did well

MOHAMED RIFAN, GRADE I A    Marvelous Mohamed Rifan! That’s the best ever

S.K.SAATHVEEHA, GRADE I B     Exactly right Saathveeha! You did it!

JEENU, GRADE I A      You have figured it out Jeenu! Way to go!

UDAY IMMANUEL, GRADE I A     Congratulations Uday! You rock!

NEERAV, GRADE 1     Fantastic Neerav! That’s the way to do it 

HARSHAVARDHAN   Super good Work

 Well done kids, you are incredible. Here is a Science Experiment – Making of face cream/comfort – fabric conditioner by Grade VI students.

ADLINE PRISCILLA, GRADE VI B  Super Adline! You are doing beautifully!  Click Here to view more 

ALFIDA, GRADE VI A   You rock Alfida! Pat on the back! Click Here to view more 

ARPITA, GRADE VI B     Exactly right Arpita! Outstanding! Click Here to view more 

HADASSAH GRACE, GRADE VI A    You are a genius Hadassah!  Good job! You are the best! Click Here to view more 

SAUJANYA, GRADE VI B    Kudos Saujanya! You deserve it! Click Here to view more 

T.SAMIKSHA, GRADE VI C     Well done Samiksha! Nothing can stop you now  Click Here to view more 

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