Congratulations Dheekshith - St.Britto's Academy

Congratulations to Dheekshith from Grade 8 at St. Britto’s Academy for being part of India’s most successful Equestrian Team at the Chennai Equitation Centre! Dheekshith’s achievements are remarkable and reflect his dedication and talent in the field of horse riding.

The Chennai Equitation Centre’s Competition Team, which includes Dheekshith, has achieved outstanding success in the 2023/24 season. They have won numerous medals at both national and international levels, including 14 medals at the Junior National Championships in Bangalore and all the Golds in all the Medal Categories of the Senior Nationals in Dressage at the beginning of 2024. Additionally, they have achieved success at international events such as the FEI World Dressage Challenge 2023.

Dheekshith’s participation and success in these events not only highlight his individual talent but also reflect positively on St. Britto’s Academy for nurturing such talent. As a school, St. Britto’s Academy should take pride in Dheekshith’s achievements and continue to support and encourage his passion for horse riding.

The presence of Actor Karthi Sivakumar at the Chennai Equitation Centre to honor the young riders further highlights the significance of Dheekshith’s achievements and brings their success to a larger audience. This recognition is a testament to Dheekshith’s hard work, dedication, and resilience, as well as to the support and guidance provided by St. Britto’s Academy.

Congratulations once again to Dheekshith and St. Britto’s Academy for this outstanding achievement in the field of equestrian sports!

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