Correspondent Madam Address to the students

August 20, 2018

Correspondent Madam Address to the students


Working towards your Goals, Finding your Happiness.

Mrs. Vimala Britto, Secretary and Correspondent of St. Britto’s Academy addressed the students on the Topic, the process of MOVING FROM KNOWN TO UNKNOWN while working towards your Goals and Finding your Happiness.

The reflection of being here in the present to work towards the future in a thoughtful way understanding self as an individual, connected with others in school, family and society was brought about in a very simple way by asking questions to students that helped them to make reflections/assumptions/presumptions on their thoughts, feelings and actions as a response to others thoughts, feelings and actions through verbal or non-verbal communication.

The aim was to bring about consciousness about self’s abilities since each child is blessed with innate potential that needs to be brought. If a child is able to realize this at an early age, the focus towards goal are determined, the path chosen is right and clear and destiny becomes realistic achievement and celebration of life.

Few of the questions asked to the students are as below that can be answered just superficially or as a reflection of deep purpose of human existence. Children were also motivated to write down the questions and read it once in a while. In doing so, they will realize that their

Understanding has deepened and their thoughts changed, built upon, adjusted, adapted and accommodated to new situations well.

  1. Are you sitting with known or unknown people for this meeting today?
  2. How do you communicate with known or unknown non verbally
  3. What is the first reaction when you meet a person?
  4. How do you feel when your reaction of smile is not responded similarly?
  5. Why do we come to school?
  6. Are you focusing on how the world is changing?
  7. What is the capacity of each person, the human brain?
  8. Have you been physically present and mentally absent for few subjects?
  9. What do you learn from negative examples/ situations?
  10. What is your Goal?
  11. What is happiness?
  12. What is your destiny?

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