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Values form the back bone of St. Britto’s Academy. Every day starts with a Value. Teachers are Empowered by the administration to share one thought /one value/one story a day.

This enables the students to think positive, and hold on to their right morals, and to hope for a better accomplishment of their dreams and visions whatever circumstances they are at.

Many of the values shared are based on life situations. They may be experiences of known or unknown people. Here Britto’s emphasis that Learning is everywhere, either through your own experience, or the experience of others. Such learning, paves the way for Realization or Reflection and provides solutions, models, ways to handle situations and circumstances faced by the students.

Students are also welcome to share their learning or experience in a common forum or to ask a query and drop it in the “May I help you” box, with or without disclosing their identity, which will be addressed by the counselors of the level.

Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value-Albert Einstein

Children face and understand a lot of conflicting situations at home and Society. Until they are 10 years old, kids do not attach cause and effect relationship, right or wrong, good or bad, or who is right and who is wrong. They may also not voice out against any elder.

But when they enter teen, their role models-friends, idols, parents may seem to them as true or false, people with integrity or hypocrites. That is when they have internal conflicts. But may, or  may not be bold to speak against it to any elder.

When they grow into adolescence, on their enroute to establish their self-identity, they choose to act based on their interpretation of the situation. Either practice or imitate the values followed at home no matter good or bad or have conflicts to follow either choose neither, based on the one establishing the integrity at home. They may also start to question, voice out, act to find a solution for their internal conflicts.

The school understand this and keeps all the support system in place to help the students to maintain balance and find and follow the right path.

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