BIRTHDAY’S AT BRITTO’S - St.Britto's Academy

Everybody loves their birthdays, but it’s even more special when it falls on a weekday and you can celebrate with your friends. At Britto’s, we think that every child is a messenger, a gift from God placed in every family, and as such, they are all very precious to this world. Therefore, it is more appropriate to commemorate this day only once a year, and for children who are 15 years old or older, school is the only location they can do so. There is an emotional connection to the community, the school, and the people who support them and get to know them well. This school-based friendship builds a foundation for life.

Every birthday is made special by Britto’s by cutting a cake in the assembly for all the children celebrating that day, inspiring and encouraging them to learn about notable people born on that same day, and fostering in the pupils a sense of progress and purpose.

The instructor presents the child with a birthday card that the class members have created, signed, and made. Additionally, a sapling is provided to each pupil to care for and grow.

The children gain inspiration to develop into responsible individuals through all of these and understand the worth of their selves. They experience acceptance, which helps them become more socially and emotionally intelligent.

They are aware that people require compassion and empathy just as a plant does to flourish. The art of protecting the environment and bringing respect to each person as deserving, equal members of the world are inextricably intertwined together.

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